Why self-care matters

Self-care is activities or practices that we can engage in regularly to reduce your stress and enhance your wellbeing.

These are practices that improve our physical, emotional and mental health

Self-care is a cycle of reciprocity….when you care for yourself you empower others to do the same. As you fill yourself up you have a deeper well from which to give to others.

Self-care is about developing habits that can be forged over time into a pattern of living.

The small choices you make everyday that make you feel pampered, adequate sleep, a quiet lunch, 20 minutes of meditation.

What is more important than your own wellbeing?

Unexpected and profound benefits of Self-care:

o As you begin your own self-care journey you begin to develop more self-awareness and eventually self-compassion.

o You become aware of the artificial boundaries between mind, body and spirit

o You become more in alignment with your souls purpose. The more you are in alignment with your souls purpose the more vital and healthy you are.


About the Author

Justine started practicing yoga 28 years ago, initially for the physical benefits, this developed into an appreciation for the mind body connection and a deep passion for...

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