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9am Mondays

Each Monday I'm hosting a 1 hour deeply relaxing yin yoga class. This is  the antithesis to how most people begin their week! This is a powerful practice that allows you to ground, relax and build capacity to process life. If there was a tagline for this class it would be 'slow down to speed up'.This is a great class for grounding and calming the nervous system. It involves, meditation, breathwork, gentle poses, and self massage.

9am Wednesdays

This is general hatha yoga where we will move through a range of joint freeing series, linking breath and movement as well as standing and core exercises. In this class we bring awareness to the mind body connection through the breath, these poses will help to build strength and stamina as well as calm the mind.


I look forward to seeing you this week!

Zoom Info

Meeting ID: 821 6121 4060

Passcode: 044181


Class Prices
$15 if you are experiencing financial hardship and still need my yoga, please don't hesitate to come. Also, if you know anyone who is struggling and you'd like me to gift them a class please let me know.


Payment Details

Bank: ANZ Bank
BSB: 012275
Account Name: Mrs Justine Rintoul

Account Number: 536151966


Triveda Therapies is based on Hatha yoga principles. Yoga is a transformational tool that opens the mind and the body. Through the moving meditation of breathwork (pranayama) and physical poses (asanas) our awareness expands and with this deeper insight, we come to a more peaceful and responsive state both on and off the mat.

Yogah chittavrtti nirodhah is the second sutra from the “The Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali” it can be translated as ‘yoga ceases the fluctuations of the mind‘ or yoga calms the mind. It’s hard to believe that this sutra is from a 5000-year-old scripture but is so relevant in today’s world.

General Hatha Class

Regular practice of Hatha yoga brings health, energy and vitality. The benefit of physical strength but also mental strength by helping to slow down fluctuations of the mind through cultivation of attention.

Justine’s classes incorporate the therapeutic aspects of yoga including spiritual psychology and the influence of Ayurveda.

Sanskrit meaning:-‘Ha’ means right side of the body, solar energy, and masculine energy and physical energy.-‘Tha’ – left side of the body, lunar energy, feminine energy and mental energy.

Yin Yoga Class

Yin Yoga works to increase the flow of energy through the body by awakening and enhancing ‘prana’ or ‘chi’. We relax the muscles and hold each pose. This is a deeply relaxing class leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Tweens and Teens Yoga Class
This class is designed to increase wellbeing and self-esteem, as well as compassion for themselves an others.
The class will consist of:
40min gentle movement and breathing
20min guided meditation and deep relaxation

Booking: email

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